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But that just doesn’t sound right.

It’s 2007, and there’s still no good solution out there when looking for non-mainstream music digitally. People want a place where they can find most everything they’re looking for, and it came the closest to anything out there. I often said that I’d happily pay a monthly fee for it so that the money could go back to the artists. There is no other site out there with that kind of selection, those transfer speeds, that ease of use. (And part of what made it so good was the speeds thanks to the strict ratio requirements.)

Wake up, record labels. The reason why many people use sites like this is because they can’t find anything close to a comparable legitimate solution. And if they’re willing to donate to it, chances are they’re willing to give to artists too. Further, part of its allure was exactly that it had a wide selection of non-RIAA indie and electronic music. In fact, I think many of its users would have happily stayed if every single RIAA track had been stripped.

But people are too stubborn, finger pointing at the “pirates.” Many of these pirates want to support artists too (notice I said artists), and there’s still no sensible solution out there.

It’s been 8 years since Napster, you’d think someone could figure something out.

Smokng Sucks

A big debate here on ITV Daybreak program about the increasing use of electronic cigarettes or e-cigs. These are now being allowed on public transport and in bars and pubs. The resident doctor says they are no worse for you than drinking coffee!

A lot of people seem to be turning to e-cigarettes as an alernative to smoking and a way to help them quit, and OK Cigs seem to be one of the leading suppliers. This is because OK Cigs and their refills can be bought online very cheaply. Saving money is a not as important as preserving your health but it is another side benefit of switching to e-cigs.

The “vapour bar” in Humberside is the featured bar in the video, in case you’re wondering where to find it!

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hello world

krames world
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So there has recently been some talk about “neu rave,” and I thought it might be worth clarifying. Just what we need, another genre, right? And if that wasn’t enough, what about “blog house?” In any case, I’m not so sure that neu rave actually exists (also note the german spelling, consistent with this blog). In fact, I’m pretty sure that it doesn’t.

But let’s just pretend that it does, for the sake of the following hypothetical. According to Simon Reynolds, author of Generation Ecstasy, the first so-called rave culture emerged in the UK in the late 1980s. “Illegal raves” then had a resurgence in the early 90s, “instigated by renegade sound systems like Spiral Tribe.” While raves, regardless of their legality, existed throughout the 90s, there was arguably somewhat of a re-resurgence in the mid-to-late 90s, around 96 to 98. So that’s at least three waves of raves. Now I’m not saying that indie rock circa 2007 has anything to do with a “rave” (because it doesn’t), but even if it did, it wouldn’t be new (or neu) rave. It would be new new new rave.

So tell that to all the kids with their glowsticks and neon clothes and dayglo face paint. Please.

Lil Louis vs. Die Young - French the World

Underworld - Two Months Off (John Ciafone Remix)

(Shout out to ML for throwing this one down!)

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respect R
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Okay, recently I was writing about my own stupidity in throwing out my old mixtapes and CDs and other good things. Well it turns out that I wasn’t in fact *that* stupid. Phew.

Back in 1998, Daft Punk played an amazing set at then-superclub Twilo, alongside Cassius. This was the height of the French House mania (even in the States), and a lineup like that was not to be missed. Neil Aline organized the whole thing — together with the Respect is Burning team in Paris.

A legendary night — I snuck in even though I was too young..shhh — with a legendary group of performers. I remember sitting by the side bar next to the DJ booth in Twilo with my friend getting our picture taken by, who else, the guy that now does

So my friend had access to Daft’s incredible set straight from the source. And there were only a few copies of this in the world…

Till now.

Daft Punk - Live at Twilo (Part 1)

Tracklisting anyone?

P.S. Check the Home Taping Edit of Palmsout Remix Sunday if you haven’t already.

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dance across the internet

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So the wikipedia entry for Blog House appears to have fleshed out quite a bit from the last time we saw it. Maybe it really does exist! Wikipedia said so!

And now that we can get endless amounts of not-yet-fully-but-almost-finished edits online, should we just throw our dance parties virtually?

Just ask Red Foxx.


No. Staying home and dancing on Second Life is super retarded and never will be cool.

1) You can’t really fuck on second life.
2) You’re not really dancing.
3) You can’t get someone extra drunk buying them drinks and then have a
better opportunity to fuck them.
4) You can’t do coke in the bathroom with a slut in Second Life.
5) You can’t make out with someone on a dancefloor in Second Life.
6) It’s not real.


But oh wait, it’s already been done. SBT.

And Baltimoroder’s shit is too cool to be played in Second Life anyway.

Alter Ego & Ghost Writers - Ghost Musick (Baltimoroder Remix)

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artwork: max williams by way of blaze

Remember that kid that was a complete prodigy at the violin or that one that seemed to be able to answer every math problem even before it was asked? Or how about the kid that could recite the digits of pi to no end?

Many would believe that these people had some kind of innate ability to do what they could do really well. But psychological studies show that in fact, to a large extent, “experts are made, not born.” According to the “10 year rule,” it takes at a decade of hard labor to master a particular field. This is not in conflict with the existence of child prodigies, though, such as Mozart or Bobby Fischer, who could have done so by starting earlier and working harder.

Yet clearly, the assumption that people are born with these abilities means that those who work hard get rewarded, and those that don’t often get discouraged from doing so in the first place. So while some may be prone to certain skills and abilities over others, it looks like sometimes the answer to prodigy-level ability is just good ol’ hard work.

Oh, and Seed Magazine rocks my world. Science + Culture = Complete Phenomenon.

Just ask whoever’s behind Electronic Stutter or our old friends Punx.

Armand van Helden - The Funk Phenomena (Electronic Stutter Mix)

Punx - The Rock (Alternative Club Mix)

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twist and twirl

home taping is eating music
artwork: remix of original by a cherry blossom girl

I threw out all of my tapes recently. It was somewhat unintentional, as I was caught up in moving and the pressure to get rid of things, but unfortunately it was only after the fact that I realized what a stupid thing it was to do. At the time, I remember thinking, well I can get it all digitally anyway, who needs these shitty, low quality analog tapes? Right?

But the thing is, even if I had the tracklisting from every single mixtape (which I unfortunately don’t), it wouldn’t be the same. Even that mix that’s slightly off beat, that overlaid vocal, or better (worse?) yet, that semi-unintentional trainwreck would serve to make a tape what it was.

When you throw out physical things, they’re often gone forever. Luckily, though, the vast expanse of information that we all know and love makes finding things made of 1s and 0s a lot easier. And thanks to that, DJ Die Young (our newest contributor!) has cooked up a hot mix of the recent home taping dishes. And regardless of your feelings on meat, you can find yourself a nice plate of Goose right along with it!

DJ Die Young - Home Taping Hot Mix

Scissor Sisters - She’s My Man (Goose Remix)

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Home taping is killing music. Sometimes old, sometimes new, sometimes blue. Sometimes Neu Rave. Already have it all? Well then we should be friends…

Podcast link: RSS, iTunes (only the first song for now)


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